Florida Democrats lose ground, members of party fed up with current leadership

Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 5:49 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) - Democrats lost Florida by nearly four points. It’s considered by some to be a huge margin in what has traditionally been a swing state.

They also took a beating in the state legislature, even though tens of millions from out of state went to down-ballot races.

Now there are calls for new party leadership.

Florida Democrats had high hopes that crashed on Election Day.

They lost three incumbents in the state House and lost two open seats vacated by Democrats running for the Senate.

Those who survived have had enough.

“The direction of our current leadership is not putting us on a path of building collective power. It’s transactional, it doesn’t address policies or issues that impact everyday people,” said State Representative Anna Eskamani.

The party also bet heavily on picking up open Senate Seats in Tampa and Seminole County.

It lost both.

Now it’s facing a recount in what was supposed to be a safe seat in Miami. The margin is 21 votes.

The incoming Senate President expects the GOP to prevail.

“And if she wins, it will be 24, which would be one pick up in the Florida Senate,” said Senate President-Designate Wilton Simpson.

Surviving Democrats blame the party for its tepid, almost non-endorsement, endorsement of the minimum wage amendment, which got 6.3 million votes.

John Morgan, the man who bankrolled the minimum wage amendment, has been critical of the lone statewide elected Democrat, Nikki Fried, for not supporting the raise in wages.

A widely circulated tweet shows the corporate cash that flowed to the party.

“But, we are fearful of really amplifying because of threatening corporate donors,” said Eskamani.

Political Scientist Susan MacManus said the party put too much stock in out of touch consultants.

“You know, you can have the most money in the world but if you don’t spend it smarty, then you can lose. And there’s a lot of evidence of that here,” said MacManus.

In a statement, Democrats are taking credit for winning 225 local races.

The release makes no mention of their losses.

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