UGA professor weighs in on Georgia elections, next steps

UGA Professor Charles Bullock weighs in on the 2020 elections.
UGA Professor Charles Bullock weighs in on the 2020 elections.(Gray DC)
Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 4:52 PM EST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- As President Donald Trump’s lead in Georgia narrows, and voters brace for the possibility of not one but two U.S. Senate races heading for a runoff in the Peach State, University of Georgia professor Charles Bullock weighs in on the unprecedented nature of this year’s elections.

“As we look forward, what this tells us, is that we can expect to have a very, very competitive gubernatorial race in two years and that in four years, we’re going to be - from the very beginning - front and center among the states that are going to be talked about as being toss-ups and maybe even as must-wins for the candidates competing for the presidency that year,” said Bullock. “Our status has changed. For many years, we were simply thought of as a red we’re going to continue to get the same kinds of attention that we’ve gotten this year, on into the future for awhile.”

Thursday, a Georgia judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state Republican Party and the Trump campaign dealing with Chatham County and questioning whether state laws were being followed on processing absentee ballots. The Trump campaign has also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and is looking for a recount in battleground Wisconsin.

Meantime, for the first time in Georgia state history, there are two U.S. Senate races expected to head for a Jan. 5 runoff, which could determine which party controls the upper chamber in DC. In Georgia, if no candidate in a federal race earns a majority of the vote, the two top candidates - regardless of party - must directly go head to head in a runoff.

As of Thursday afternoon, it looked increasingly likely that incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue would face off directly against Democrat Jon Ossoff. While appointed Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler would square off against Democrat Reverend Raphael Warnock in early 2021.

You can watch the interview below for Bullock’s thoughts on these races, and what this means for Georgians moving forward:

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