WCTV Community Classroom: Griffin Middle School teacher Koneisha Cofield

The sixth-grade science teacher says an iPad would make it easier to keep her virtual students involved as she moves around her physical classroom.
Published: Nov. 18, 2020 at 1:31 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - In WCTV’s monthly “Community Classroom” segment, we highlight a teacher in our area who’s on the Donors Choose website, which allows teachers to request items they need for their classrooms.

Griffin Middle School’s Koneisha Cofield was selected for this month!

COVID-19 already makes it difficult for teachers to give one-on-one assistance to students in their classrooms because of social distancing, and having students on the other side of a computer screen at home can make things more challenging.

“If I step away from the computer, then I’m unable to share my screen, and my students at home lose sight of me or they can’t hear me,” Cofield says.

Cofield says an iPad would be a big help. With that, she wouldn’t feel tied down to her desk for the virtual students, potentially leaving classroom students feeling abandoned, or vice versa. The technology will make sure everyone can see Cofield at all times.

“I’m able to take my device, be mobile around the classroom,” she says. “It has a microphone, a camera, it’s wireless.”

Now, to get that iPad, Cofield needs donations. She’s also asking for an Apple Pencil and other accessories to go with the iPad.

“I can display my screen with all of the kids and manipulate things with the pencil,” Cofield says.

The sixth-grade science teacher says the technology would make a world of difference in these unprecedented times.

“Just to be able to get donations from the community to get things so we can kind of equal the playing ground, so they won’t feel deprived and they get the same learning experience as students that come from a non-Title I school,” Cofield says.

Cofield also says an iPad would also allow her to take the classroom kids outside for a lesson, to give them a break from their facemasks, and she’d still be able to carry the virtual students along with them.

To help Cofield or any other of the dozens of teachers from our region, follow this link to the Community Classroom page.

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