Local leaders calling for change after Wednesday’s events at U.S. Capitol

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 7:04 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Local leaders are calling for peace after the assault on the United States Capitol. Friday morning, they united to ask for change in D.C. and here in Florida’s capitol.

The 10 individuals who showed up to Bethel Missionary Baptist Church say they are outraged, disgusted and more so than anything, disappointed to see a historic and respected process, turn into a scene of chaos.

But now, they all want to move forward in unity.

Curtis Taylor, the President of Tallahassee’s Urban League shared, “America we are better than this, we are better than this...”

He is just one of many sharing their passion.

Multiple faith and civic leaders who gathered at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church said they are still unable to fathom the events from two days ago.

“I watched with a mixture of emotions,” said Mayor John Dailey. “Anger, frustration, sadness...And like each and every one of you, my heart absolutely broke when I had to explain to my ten-year -old and eleven-year-old what exactly was going on.”

Dailey called Friday for the arrest of all involved.

Others, including Taylor, urged President Trump to resign: “Our nation cannot endure another two weeks.”

Those like County Commissioner Rick Minor believe that the storming of the Capitol is a moment to reflect on a double standard in the way police react to violent protest.

“Had the people of the Capitol been black or brown we would have had a tragedy of biblical proportions,” Minor siad.

The leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences all pushed for a return to our nation’s values, “so we can move forward together.”

“We use the ballot, not bombs,” stated Dr. Reverend RB Holmes. “Not bullies, and not bullets, to make changes in this country.”

“Democracy requires compromise and more importantly, it assumes participants in the democratic process must and I repeat must agree to be bound to the process of fair, fair elections,” said Commissioner at large, Carolyn Cummings. “They may not be perfect but they must be fair.”

Dailey also stated Friday that he is personally calling on President Trump to promise that he will provide a peaceful transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden, and that he will uphold the constitution that he swore to protect, for the next 12 days and beyond.

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