Miracle Hill residents receive second dose of Pfizer vaccine

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 6:22 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Three weeks ago, WCTV showed you images of staff and residents at Miracle Hill Nursing receiving their long awaited COVID-19 vaccine.

Wednesday, staff and residents received their final dose and hp[ed that this is the start of a new chapter filled with good health.

Staff shared that they feel great and said they are just happy to have been given this opportunity.

Residents also expressed that they are grateful that everyone at Miracle Hill is coming together to keep their health and safety the priority.

Marlon Hobley has worked at Miracle Hill for 12 years. After getting the vaccine he shared, “It makes you feel pretty good.”

That is a sentiment shared by many, like fellow colleague Michael Hamilton, who rolled up his sleeves Wednesday to get his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“It makes me feel real good, especially me being a chef dealing with food and with me getting that shot it is kind of giving me a better chance not to pass it on to my residents,” Hamilton said.

One of those residents is Kathy Gibson, who, three weeks ago, was hesitant about getting the dose. But now, she shared, “I am glad I did it, nothing to it.”

As far as how she’s feeling: “No symptoms, nothing at all,” Gibson added.

Miracle Hill said not everyone in the building initially opted for the vaccine, but since Dec. 23, they have had conversations, answered questions and new faces have signed up.

Miracle Hill Board of Directors Chairman, Roland James, hopes staff realizes the difference this could make.

“We wanted them to have the opportunity because this virus is serious and we need to be prepared for it,” James said.

Miracle Hill wants to do their part in stopping the spread while keeping those in the building healthy.

Gibson asks that those who can get vaccinated to do say, saying, “Keep us safe.”

Wednesday was a second opportunity for those who did not get their first dose in December to do so then.

James hopes that in three more weeks, Miracle Hill will have 100% participation.

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