Local business closes doors after 22 years, thanks Tallahassee for support

Published: Jan. 24, 2021 at 1:17 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 24, 2021 at 2:38 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - After 22 years of calling Tallahassee home, a local mom and pop shop is now closing their doors.

But, instead of feeling sadness at the ending of a chapter, they are reflecting on all of the good times.

They are thankful to the community for supporting them along the way.

When you walk into Cape Harbor, you are greeted by a furry face named River and co-owners Scott and Suzy Megary.

The pair settled down in Tallahassee and birthed a passion, a storefront selling reels, flys, and home decor.

Scott Megary talked about their history: “We had Blue Abaco in 99 and then Cape Harbor in 2011, so ten years now. We just have a love for fly fishing and traveling all over the world, so we just thought we would do this as well.”

Their greatest accomplishment was not the sales, but meeting friendly faces and giving back to those who have supported them for so long.

“Just meeting all of those community people has made us feel that we have been able to give to the economy here,” shared co-owner Suzy. “It’s been knowing that having a small business such as we do, can also help the community.”

But it has not always been smooth sailing.

Scott says the birth of Amazon and online retailers have slowly hurt business and it has only worsened through the years.

“We have seen the good times and riding this out till the bitter end,” shared Scott, “It’s been interesting. Yeah, it’s sad to see it go.”

What was once an ‘Open’ sign outside of their storefront now reads ‘Out of Business’.

Scott stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused this Capital City favorite to say goodbye.

“We tried to hang in there as long as we could, hoping every month it would get better and better. We went through Christmas and traffic never really picked back up,” Scott explained.

While there are heavy hearts, the Megarys just want others to spend their money shopping small.

Suzy hopes that fellow mom and pop’s can keep on selling.

“Just try to find those shops that have unique stores that have those items you can’t find anywhere else...and try to keep that community feel going,” she said.

While it is an end of one chapter, this family is happy to have made their mark and hope to someday do so again.

Suzy says that their next step is they hope to open an Etsy shop and sell some of their personalized handmade pieces on there.

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