Random Acts to donate Valentine’s Day cards to community workers

Random Acts of Kindness is spreading some love this Valentine’s Day, helping others feel special by donating cards.
Published: Jan. 31, 2021 at 9:37 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Random Acts is spreading some love this Valentine’s Day, helping others feel special by donating cards.

The group is starting to collect donated cards to distribute them to service workers on Valentine’s Day whose work often goes underappreciated.

Each one has a few words with a powerful message.

“Let them know that they’re appreciated, and that we appreciate the love and support they give our community,” said Misty Cash.

Cash is a regional representative for the organization. She started the Valentine’s Day card project after paying tribute to those lost in the Parkland shooting, giving cards to people at the Florida State Capitol.

“I gave a Valentine card to someone there and she started bawling,” Cash said. “She said this is the only Valentine I’m going to get, and it really impacted me.”

One of the volunteers is sophomore Ryan Webster. He participated last year when Random Acts dropped off cards at the Capitol.

“To really see everyone there working, to make changes and establish stuff, it’s really cool,” Webster said.

This year he made nearly 40 cards. They’ll be given out to bus drivers, waste management and other service workers.

“Heartwarming to hand them the cards, they would just smile because they maybe didn’t have people to give them cards,” Webster added.

The project is a special thank you to those keeping the community wheels turning every day.

The cards can be dropped off at Honey Baked Ham, Chiles High School and the Leon County Schools Early Childhood Program by February 10.

More information about Random Acts can be found on its website.

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