Assistant Surgeon General shaped by his Thomasville, FAMU roots

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 10:29 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A Thomas County native now finds himself in a high-level position with the Commissioned Corps of the U.S Public Health Service.

Rear Admiral Cedric Guyton recently earned the title of Assistant Surgeon General, a position held by several people in different departments across the agency.

Guyton grew up in the Boston, Ga., area with Sally Horne Brevard, a single mother who looked for her children to achieve their potential.

“It has been very hard as a single mother, raising three sons, three in college at the same time,” she said. “But through it all, Cedric was determined to do his best.”

Guyton’s official online government biography describes him as a pharmacy officer serving as the Deputy Director for Commissioned Corps Services.

Brevard remembers Guyton as an ambitious student.

“If he ever got a B in a class, boy we had to talk about that when he got home,” she said.

He graduated Thomas County Central in 1989, earning a degree at Albany State University before eventually making his way across state lines, to the Highest of Seven Hills.

“He was a delight to teach,” said Perry Brown, a Public Health professor at Florida A&M who worked with Guyton closely as he earned a Masters degree.

“We really do live vicariously through their success,” he said.

Brown said he advocates for diverse voices in public health, especially right now. He said Guyton’s promotion to Assistant Surgeon General helps achieve that goal.

“I think it’s important in order to have a variety of perspectives at the table,” he said.

Brevard said she knows her son has helped save lives with his messaging, even her own.

“He’s trying to save my [life] every day, saying ‘Mama you can’t go there, Mama you can’t do this’,” she said.

Even when he gives her a hard time, she isn’t afraid to heap a little praise.

“I don’t like to brag, but I have the best sons in the world,” she said.

WCTV is working with the U.S. Health Service to arrange an interview with Guyton. The information in this story came from Brevard, Brown, and information available on the HHS website.

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