Early County family continues searching through rubble after homes flattened following storms

Published: Feb. 15, 2021 at 10:59 PM EST
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DAMASCUS, Ga. (WCTV) - Perhaps the hardest area hit during Monday’s severe weather was in Early County, Georgia. Specifically, the small town of Damascus.

The community of just a couple of hundred people is still in shock as homes in the community are completely leveled.

A pair of homes that used to house six people turned into rubble in a matter of minutes. Combing through the debris well after sunset, hours after the storm barrelled through South Georgia, cinderblocks can be seen thrown yards from the house and a truck was thrown into the wreckage.

Latonya Cratic says her mother-in-law was in a closet as her home fell apart around her.

Remarkably, she survived.

“Couldn’t be anyone but God that we all walked away from this unharmed,” Cratic said.

Cratic actually lives a short drive away: Her home was not flattened, but heavily damaged.

“We fell on the floor, we tried to crawl to a closet but there was glass shattering everywhere and fell on the floor, held our kids and prayed,” she recalled.

The family of 11 had four homes throughout Damascus. After Monday, only one remains livable.

The National Weather Service plans to survey the damage Tuesday morning.

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