Local camping site flooded after recent storms

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 6:42 PM EST
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LIBERTY COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) - Recent rain in our area has caused serious flooding along the Oclocknee river just south of Lake Talquin.

Water is now about knee deep near the Ed and Bernice Fish Camp, and some residents even put their belongings on picnic tables to keep from getting wet.

The National Weather Service website shows a flood warning remains in effect for the Ochlocknee rive and the water is affecting areas of Leo and Gadsden counties

According to the NWS, the Jackson Bluff Dam, at last reporting, is about 68 feet and its considered to be flooding at 69 point 5 feet.

In Bloxham, the river level at the latest reporting was 18. 75 feet and their flood stage is 20 feet.

The river is still considered to be in action stage, but the dam is not.

Deborah Hatcher Blombergh, who owns the Fish Camp site told WCTV they were alerted to evacuate this area on Wednesday.

“We started evacuating the day before yesterday and we might now have had to but just as a precautionary measure we came up here in case they had to come up higher than they originally thought because every time they had a prediction the national weather service says ‘no we think its going to go higher,’” explained Blombergh.

She added that something similar like this happened last yer, and that crews were working hard to prevent it again but then we had a lot of recent rain.

The National Weather Service says it is normal for the fish and camp site to be flooded at around 19 feet, and told WCTV that they are not expecting it to reach flood stage.

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