Texas severe weather impacts Tallahassee Whataburger restaurants

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 6:16 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Even after the winter storm in Texas has passed, the effects still linger economically.

Texas-based food chain Whataburger has temporarily closed all locations in Tallahassee and Thomasville due to supply issues.

A memo posted on the company website reads, “Getting back to serving up your favorites.”

A spokesman said due to heavy snow, delivery trucks were unable to supply all locations with the necessary items to provide the usual 24/7 service. While some locations across the states ran without issue, officials said some locations had to operate on a limited menu basis while others, like the five in Tallahassee, closed completely.

“A friend is visiting from out of town, and he really likes Whataburger, and he hasn’t been to one since the 1970s and he saw Whataburger and he was really excited, and he said let’s get some Whataburger and they were closed last night,” said Minh Nguyen, a hungry customer that had visited the Midtown location twice in a day.

Nguyen said he thought that it was strange that the restaurant was closed the first time he came but figured he would just stop by again the next day.

“They’re closed again,” he said.

Like Nguyen, dozens of other hungry customers stopped by and were surprised to see no one inside. A sign on the door read “This restaurant is temporarily closed due to supply issues. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

“I loved coming to Whataburger because they have something that’s actually low-cal, it’s got the tortilla around it, it’s a little fajita taco. I was really counting on getting it and really disappointed to see the sign on the door that said that they were closed because of Texas,” said Brian Burgess, another customer stopping by during his lunch break.

Burgess said he’s on a diet, and Whataburger is one of the few places he can get a low-calorie meal that still tastes good.

“Definitely wasn’t going to get the Whataburger so don’t tell my wife,” said Burgess.

Former Whataburger employee Matthew Bryan says he empathizes with everyone impacted by the Texas weather, but he is still surprised at the domino effect it’s had on the community here in Tallahassee.

He added that although he had a taste for a special burger, he used to make, he’ll be trying something else for now. However, he’s keeping the people of Texas in his prayers.

“We do pray that they’re doing okay,” said Bryan.

According to the spokesman, the company has been able to resume deliveries, and the closed locations should reopen soon.

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