South Florida dog lost in Tallahassee reunited with owner after 9 months

Published: Mar. 3, 2021 at 6:36 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - If dogs could talk, Rosie would have quite the story!

This Yorkie was recently found here in the Big Bend, but her actual home is 470 miles south of the Capital City.

The Tallahassee Animal Service Center learned of her origins thanks to a microchip.

Rosie is a little dog who went on a big journey. In June, Rosie wandered away from her home in Hollywood, Florida, leaving her family scared and worried.

“It was just really sad knowing she was out there and I couldn’t find her. I was driving around, I was looking for her, and it hurt going to bed because she sleeps right next to me, and it was just heartbreaking it really was.” Montserrat Bermudez described.

Despite everything from lost dog signs to banners, even a thousand-dollar reward, Rosie didn’t come home.

“Nobody brought her home, so you just start losing faith a little bit. After a few months, it kind of hurt. It was like, I don’t know if I’m going to get her back,” Bermudez explained.

But, at the end of February, almost 500 miles later, Rosie’s owner received a call from Tallahassee.

“Rosie came to our shelter as a stray. Somebody had seen her wandering their neighborhood for about a week, she said, and then she made an appointment, came in, we brought Rosie in, scanned her, found her chip, called her mom.” Erin Milligan, an Animal Care Specialist at Tallahassee Animal Services, said.

Montserrat, overjoyed, quickly hopped on a flight to the Capital City.

“The second that she heard my voice, she gave me a kiss, she welcomed me, it was like, it was her, it was her, she just made me feel like, she’s home like she never left,” Bermudez described.

Rosie’s homecoming was a happy reunion made possible by microchips.

“Had she not had her microchip, we wouldn’t have known where to start looking, and our staff, we do a good job here of trying to locate animals’ homes even when we don’t have a chip, but that’s the ticket home. Michael St. John, the Assistant Director at the Tallahassee Animal Services, explained.

This dog’s harrowing adventure had a story-book ending.

The Tallahassee Animal Service Center also says it’s important to make sure the addresses and telephone numbers on your pet’s microchip are up to date to make it easier to contact owners.

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