Local craft house seeing glimmer of hope a year after bars shut doors due to pandemic

Published: Mar. 17, 2021 at 8:15 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - One year ago Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis ordered bars and clubs to shut their doors due to the pandemic.

Since September of 2020, bars have been back open and able to run at 100 percent capacity, but many are still struggling.

Management at Railroad Square Craft House told WCTV that they were barely able to keep their doors open after the shutdown. They had to rely on curbside and takeout orders to help keep them afloat.

Co-owner at RRSQ Craft House, Justine Spells, said they opened their business about six months before the shutdown.

They were able to classify as a restaurant and reopen to customers in May of last year.

The Craft House has about 10,000 square feet of outdoor eating with tables placed eight to10 feet apart.

Spells said they are finally seeing a glimmer of hope

“We are still not at the top of our game yet,” Spells said. “We still have some kinks we have to work out, but we are seeing finally that turn around the bend where we are getting to that normal because before we didn’t have the sales to have all the staff back and so that created that people would come and we weren’t prepared enough for it.”

During the shutdown, many of their employees also college students had to be let go.

Spells added that they were able to rehire and add more employees. going from about 25 employees to 40.

RRSQ Craft House is not back open at full 100 percent capacity yet, and Spells said employees must wear masks, and guests must wear their masks until they are seated.

The Craft House told WCTV that they hope to have live events again and that the earliest bookings right now are scheduled for October.

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