‘This is kinda like my last hurrah’: FSU fans share their decision to watch games at bars instead of at home

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 10:21 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Prior to the FSU basketball team taking on the Michigan Wolverines in a Sweet Sixteen match-up, Tallahassee residents and FSU students alike were very excited to watch their team attempt to make a long run in the tournament.

According to the fans, there’s no better way to take in the game than in the company of people with a common mindset and tell our Brandon Spencer that they rather go out to watch a big game than to play it safe elsewhere.

Seminole fans were excited about watching their team play in the NCAA Tournament this year with a lot them choosing to watch at a bar instead of at home.

“Screaming with five or six friends it’s not as fun as screaming with 100 friends,” said FSU student Joao Moura. “We need the energy and the school spirit. We are having the energy and getting activated over here in college town.”

“Like being out here with everybody around is just a good atmosphere and it’s more fun than watching at home that’s for sure,” shared FSU student Jared Thompson.

Some students saying they want to take advantage of a moment COVID took from them last year.

“I mean we kind of missed out on a lot of things in our college experience for the last year and a half so this is like our last chance,” explained FSU student Johnny Russo. “I mean I’m about to be graduating in a couple weeks so this is kind of like my last hurrah and like my last time to enjoy being a Seminole.”

“We’re graduating in three weeks so I mean FSU sports have been amazing, basketball, football and we have had a awesome time and it’s always fun cheering them on,” shared FSU student Samantha Solomon.

Fans telling Brandon that it’s worth enjoying the college bar atmosphere as long as they’re personally taking the right precautions.

“Last year we did very well and we couldn’t play as hard as we wanted to so I feel like today is just a big thing and as long as we have the vaccine, which we do, I want to be here,” said FSU student Samantha Oshatz.

Fans say they’re craving to just cheer along with their fellow Seminoles.

“Honestly I’m just excited to go there with all my fellow Florida State fans and have a good time and all I want to see every time we score a point is everyone screaming, cheering and having a good time,” exclaimed Moura.

Russo says no matter the result, he’s proud to support the team that gives him something to be excited about.

“I mean either way it’s giving us something to be excited about for the last couple of weeks,” said Russo. We made our brackets in and obviously I had the Seminoles going all the way so it’s just giving us something to be excited about when there’s not really as much going on.”

While masks wearing is still encouraged in most college town venues, social distancing doesn’t seemed to be as enforced.

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