Former WCTV employees celebrates 100th birthday

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 6:36 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A happy 100th birthday was celebrated in Thomasville Tuesday. Juanita Dickey celebrated her 100th birthday alongside family and friends, but get this: Dickey spent more than three decades working for WCTV.

She started in 1955 right as WCTV was first coming on air.

Tuesday, Dickey told WCTV about doing her first live commercial and about doing ad spots with then-governor, Jimmy Carter.

She said that working for WCTV all those years, each day, you never knew what you were going to do, but that she always wanted to find out.

“It just meant everything in the world, to be here for her,” said Dickey’s nephew, Bill Holland, who traveled from Oregon for the celebration. “Her birthday is something special.”

Dickey is leading a legacy in the City of Roses.

“I don’t know how they heard about me, but they said, ‘we need you, you’re just what we need, please be here in the morning,’” Dickey recalled.

She was recruited by WCTV as an office manager in 1955 and worked at the WCTV station in Thomasville, through its move to Florida, before retiring in the 90′s.

“I just have so many memories with WCTV,” said Dickey.

Working in just about every department, from office management, to commercials, to being on air, she said this station became a piece of her.

“Families like my family used to be so close. Everybody loved everybody. And then it got to be, I felt that way with my people I worked with at WCTV. They were my family.”

It was special day for this family. Dickey said she was overwhelmed, that she could hardly believe it, and they all told her that they’ll be back here again for the next one.

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