Southwell divsersity and inclusion director seeks to offer patient care

Southwell Medical in Adel.
Southwell Medical in Adel.(WALB)
Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 9:03 PM EDT
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ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - During the beginning of the pandemic, there were reports across the country of patients denied care at hospitals —either because of a disability or background.

Southwell Health System has a position that plays a key role in situations like this.

“We want to be the provider of choice so it’s very important that when someone comes in our organization that may have a language barrier or may have a disability, that we are able to accommodate those needs to the best of our ability,” said Jill Dower McIntyre, Director of diversity, inclusion and wellness for Southwell Health System.

With a background in nursing, Mclntyre knows the importance of being able to understand and take care of patients seeking medical assistance.

“Our top priority within our organization is to improve patient care outcomes, fostering an inclusive environment so that people who come in our organization can see people that look like them,” said McIntyre.

As the director of diversity, inclusion and wellness for Southwell, McIntyre analyzes trends in the hiring process and makes recommendations.

Along with the diversity council, she also works to educate current employees and frontline staff about diversity and culture and how to acknowledge, address and confront differences in a positive manner.

They hold listening sessions, staff can voice any concerns or recommendations.

“I do believe my role in this organization is a very important role because it offers us the ability to build on our core values that we have,” said McIntyre.

Those core values include promoting a healthy and diverse environment.

McIntyre says having patients treated by health care workers who understand them helps them feel more comfortable.

Their goal is to provide an environment where everyone can feel welcome, especially in a time of need.

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