Tallahassee residents react to possibility of annual COVID-19 shot

Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 6:41 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Even if you’re now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you might need more shots down the road.

Vaccine makers said this week it’s likely people will need a COVID-19 booster annually.

The heads of both Pfizer and Moderna say it might be similar to getting an annual flu shot.

The thought didn’t seem to bother those getting their vaccines at FAMU’s Lawson Center.

“Yes, easy enough,” said William Pembleton. “Yes of course,” said Amelia Maddox. “As long as it’s free, I really don’t mind coming back every six months,” said Ryan Rogers.

“If it’ll keep me alive, I don’t have an issue,” said Rockie Jones. “This is the new normal, this is life as it is. We’ll have to take the shots if we choose to live.”

Reverend R. B. Holmes, the chairman of the Leon County COVID-19 task force, said he doesn’t believe an annual shot will make more people hesitant about getting the vaccine.

However, Reverend Holmes says it’s important that the task force continue reaching out to the community at alleviating concerns with facts.

“We heard last year that may be the case. But it’s good that we’re getting close to know what the real impact is going to be,” said Holmes. “Many people go to the doctor annually. Many of us take our flu shots annually and so I think the benefit of these vaccines outweigh the risk.”

The Department of Health says more than 100,000 people in Leon County have been vaccinated.

It’s unclear how soon the booster vaccines will be produced or needed.

Moderna’s vaccine makers hope to get authorization as soon as the summer.

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