Liberty County High School parents upset after student shows up wearing confederate flag costume

Published: Apr. 17, 2021 at 12:27 PM EDT
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BRISTOL, Fla. (WCTV) - A video circulating social media has gained over 700 views after a student wore a confederate flag costume to Liberty High school.

Students and parents in the Liberty County school district are demanding teachers be held accountable for allowing the student to wear what they called offensive attire. “He was allowed to wear that outfit from that morning all the way up until lunch time whenever my daughter posted it on social media,” said Darius Williams.

Darius and his wife Tracy said their daughter had a run-in with school officials just a week prior to this incident. According to the Williams, their daughter was told to take off a hair bonnet that she wore to school because it was inappropriate, or else she would be sent to the office.

“How can this bonnet on my daughter’s head cause enough destruction to send her to the office within ten minutes, but this child displaying this cape and this great big hat, and he was allowed to go all day?” said Tracy.

Darius shared that when the other student showed up in a confederate flag, it wasn’t until her daughter posted a picture on social media during lunch that school administration took action.

According to Darius, school begins for the students at 7:57 a.m. and then lunch is from 11:30 until 12:15. The family pointed out that the student went hours walking the halls and inside classrooms, never being addressed by an adult.

“The confederate flag symbols hatred and racism and for him to come to school in that type of attire, that should not be tolerated,” said Darius.

The parents shared that their daughter didn’t want to return to school the next day, claiming to feel uncomfortable and disgusted with the way the situation was handled by administration. Tracy said a number of the other black students and families also shared their concerns and disgust for the lack of action.

“I know there’s a protocol there,” she said. “But was it just neglected, was it just brushed off because they weren’t offended? My daughter was very offended by that, and to punish the kid- he’s a child. He was allowed to walk around the school like that.”

Williams said that she wants her daughter and all students to feel comfortable and supported by their teachers and the school district, and in order for that to happen the adults must be held accountable.

In a statement released on April 9 to parents, Superintendent Kyle Peddie wrote in part that the district “Does not tolerate any form of racial harassment, offensive rhetoric or offensive clothing” on campus.

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