Human remains found in Thomas County

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 5:20 PM EDT
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THOMAS COUNTY, Ga. (WCTV) - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is working to identify human remains found in Thomas County.

Saturday afternoon, the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office received a call from someone working in a wooded area near Coolidge, off of State Road 188, near Enon Road.

The caller suspected they’d found human remains. Investigators confirmed that when they arrived

“Our crime scene, along with the GBI crime scene, worked Saturday evening until it got too dark to process. We secured the scene then on Sunday went back and finished completely exhuming what we could of the skeleton.,” said Captain Steve Jones with TCSO.

Along with Capt. Jones, Captain Tim Watkins shared an update on the investigation, saying it appears the remains had been there for about a year. He then referenced one of the most recent missing person cases in Thomas County, Marlena Hurst.

Watkins said this projected timeframe of Hurts’ disappearance and the decomposition of the remains found lessens the chances that they belong to Hurst, however, officials said they’re not ruling anything out.

“This possibly is going to be a multi-county investigation. Like I alluded to earlier, there are several missing person cases around the region and without positive identification, we don’t want to say anything prematurely,” said Jones.

According to TCSO, about 98% of the skeleton was recovered from the wooded area. The remains will be checked against dental records which Watkins said would be the easiest way to identify the body.

If there are no dental records, DNA will be collected from families involved in missing person cases in hopes of finding a match.

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