Nothing but a Number: Great-grandfather graduating TCC at age of 90

Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 5:47 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A Tallahassee Community College student is learning firsthand that it’s never too late to accomplish your goals.

At 80-years-old, Kenneth Frisbie Jr. graduated from TCC with an associate of art degree

But now at 90-years-old, Frisbie is defying the odds by earning his paralegal degree, proving age is nothing but a number.

“I don’t feel like I accomplished anything except what I’m supposed to be doing,” said Frisbie. “It’s a good thing, education. It changes your life.”

“It’s inspiring to me, to the grandkids, to the great-grandkids,” said his daughter, Angela Linton.

Attending TCC is a family affair. Frisbie is part of four generations enrolled over the years, including his great-granddaughter who is currently studying nursing.

But it was actually his daughter, Linton, who inspired him to get in the classroom.

“Knowing that life doesn’t stop and that education is important and it’s helped to keep my dad’s mind sharp,” she said.

Still sharp as a tack, tackling college through a pandemic, Frisbie still managed to come out on top.

“I’m a people person and I like to interact with people, face-to-face. And so, I didn’t appreciate doing it over the internet,” said Frisbie.

His advice to others: listen to your teacher and never give up because there’s always another chance.

“Life tomorrow is different from life yesterday,” he said.

Although Frisbnie is not authorized to give legal advice, he says he can definitely point people in the right direction.

He will graduate from TCC on April 30.

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