Woodville community hosts fundraiser for boy injured in ATV accident

Published: Apr. 25, 2021 at 9:25 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The Woodville community came together on Saturday to support the family of baby Kaydyn.

Kaydyn was injured in an ATV accident back in February.

The accident devastated his family as the one-year-old suffered a spinal injury.

But his grandmother says Kaydyn is improving every day.

“He can’t walk yet, so that’s something that they’re worried about but they are working with him and he is talking really well actually saying more words than he did before the accident,” said Billie Connell, Kaydyn’s grandmother.

Baby Kaydyn had to be flown to Philadelphia for his rehabilitation to work on improve his motor skills.

Kaydyn’s mother and father are right by side, however with medical expenses and hospital stays, the Woodville side by side and Jeep community rallied together to host a fundraiser and bake sale.

100% of proceeds went entirely to Kaydyn and his family.

“I think it’s just a show of how the community is tighter than ever right now,” said Maggie Harris.

“I put myself in Chris and Jolene’s shoes. I put myself in Katherine and Brandon’s shoes and I could only imagine the struggles that they have had to face,” said Ashlee Barton.

“It’s overwhelming to see how much people put of their own time in here just to bring something to table to sell so mom and dad can get the profits,” said Billie Connell.

As their family anxiously waits for Kaydyn to leave the hospital soon, his grandmother says they’re grateful for all the kindness and support that has been shown to their family and to baby Kaydyn.

“He’s a normal rambunctious toddler and we want him back. We want that Kaydyn back and we’ll get it eventually we will. We have faith,” said Connell.

Connell tells WCTV that if all goes well baby Kaydyn should be back at home within the next four weeks.

If you would like to donate to Kaydyn’s Go Fund Me page you can click on this link here.


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