Gadsden County leaders holds 'votercade' event to inspire residents to know their voter rights

Gadsden County leaders hold a votercade event to inspire residents to know their voter rights
Updated: May. 9, 2021 at 12:33 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Community leaders in Gadsden County put together a county wide “votercade” to inform residents of recent voter law changes after Governor Ron Desantis signed a voting bill on Thursday.

The group encouraging others to register to vote and to know their rights.

Leaders in Gadsden County are doing their part to encourage people to still use their constitutional right to vote after Governor Ron Desantis signed the voting bill on Thursday.

“Don’t wait until election day to get started because voters suppression has already begun and we must begin now,” expressed event organizer Martha Davis Jones.

“Check with the supervisor of elections office,” shared Gadsden County Commissioner Brenda Holt. “Find out anything you may need and when this new law passed we now need to do what we need to do to get in there and get all of our people registered to get them voting.”

Saturday’s event involved a votercade of cars from Midway, Havana and Quincy to meet at the Gadsden County Courthouse to fight for voters rights they feel are being taken away.

“Anytime someone makes a change that effects you, you need to get out and check it out and make sure, make sure and make certain that you understand the laws that apply,” said Holt.

“We want to bring awareness and exposure that hey we are here in Gadsden County and we’re not going to take any voters suppression and we’re going to move forward,” explained organizer Tracey Stallsworth.

The group say they’re hoping to find a way to get people more involved in the community.

“Sometimes people are not going to motivate themselves to come out so we are going to the community with the votercade,” said Davis Jones.

The leaders say that most importantly, they want to get people registered to vote.

“Get everyone in your house registered. Make sure they have an id. Get them to the polls and that’s what we want to do,” exclaimed Holt.

Since Saturday May 8th, was John Lewis voter’s advancement day, the organizers wanted to make sure they made their voices heard.

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