Striking success: 16-year-old accepted to 14 colleges heading to FAMU

Published: May. 5, 2021 at 8:14 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A 16-year-old will be heading to the highest of seven hills this fall. Curtis Lawrence III, will be graduating not only high school, but also college this spring.

In 2014, Lawrence began taking dual enrollment courses at School Without Walls High School and George Washington University. This spring, he will earn his Associates Degree and head to FAMU where he will pursue a double major in computer science and biology as well as a minor in Mandarin.

Lawrence has also been awarded over $1.65 Million in Merit Scholarships. He was also accepted to Howard University, North Carolina A&T University, Morehouse College, Hampton University, Morgan State University, Claflin University, Hutson-Tillotson University, George Washington University, West Virginia Wesleyan, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, Yale and Harvard.

Lawrence’s love for education started at a young age. His parents, both educators, instilled the importance of school into he and his younger brother Corey early on, constantly taking them on trips to different museums, colleges, states and countries to expose them to what the world has to offer.

This ultimately set Lawrence up for a chance to choose between these top-tier schools.

Lawrence said FAMU felt like home and explained one of the reasons he wants to be a Rattler: “Especially as a young student having been able to meet other students who also started college early at FAMU, and so I was able to really know that FAMU will provide me with that academic and professional support on top of schooling.”

Florida A&M University is competing with the best schools in the country to get top of the line students, including sixteen year old Curtis Lawrence III.

The young scholar now with his sights set on his undergraduate degree in which he doesn’t have to pay a dime.

“Knowing that our son will never have to take out a loan for school and that the first loan he takes out will probably be a car or his mortgage, that is a beautiful blessing from god,” said Curtis’ mom Melanie Lawrence.

Both mom and dad are educators so young Curtis understands the importance of a good education.

Lawrence III could’ve continued his education at almost any university in the country but for his undergrad degree, his parents pushed an HBCU.

“We felt that at their start, right, at those fundamental times when you figure it out yourself. Who am I? What am I going to do in life?,” explained Curtis’ father Curtis Lawrence Jr. “To be in an environment that we felt would be nurturing I’m very supportive of their development. So that was very very important for us to create that level of foundation.”

And when it came time to make a decision, Curtis felt FAMU was the place to be.

“To have a student like Curtis Lawrence III to attend the institution to declare that nationally, shows that FAMU is a true famuly we are the place for the next generation of scholars,” FAMU’s Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. William Hudson Jr.

Dr. Hudson stayed in constant communication with the Lawrence family since Curtis was a freshman in high school.

“They visited my school, and I was able to meet with the director of student affairs and talk to him about FAMU and from there I became interested in FAMU and they continue to reach out to me and they continued to show interest in me,” explained Lawrence III.

“They really invested in him and that was really important to my wife and I let us know that he will be well taken care of, looked after, nurtured and educated here in Florida A&M.” shared Lawrence Jr.

The biology and computer science double major is excited to reach the highest of seven hills... And the university is happy to have him.

In the future, Lawrence said he plans to earn his PhD and become a paleontologist.

Curtis’ younger brother Corey also plans to attend the George Washington college program and hopes to follow in his big brother’s footsteps at an HBCU.

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