‘A moment of closure’: FSU class of 2020 graduates get the in-person graduation they’ve been waiting for

Updated: May. 23, 2021 at 12:50 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Saturday, Florida State University held three graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020 graduates after their celebration turned virtual last year due to the pandemic.

The 2020 graduates say they were extremely excited and told WCTV’s Brandon Spencer that the ceremony was better late than never.

Finally is the word that encapsulates how 2020 graduates feel about walking the stage.

“You know actually getting up on that stage and you know seeing Mark Zeigler saying my name and getting to shake and hug John Thrasher after everything he’s done for our school,” said FSU class of 2020′s Justin Bachansingh. “It was nice to finally get into that space.”

“It was good, I was just finally happy to have my moment across the stage and shake Thrasher’s hand and that’s all I wanted at the end of the day,” said FSU class of 2020′s Andrea Ellison.

Some people even traveled back to Tallahassee to experience what they call “closure.”

“FSU is my alma mater now. I mean, I love FSU, I had a great time here for my four years old when I was here,” said FSU Class of 2020′s Jacob Bell. “It’s great to see good friends again and really have that closure on the semester.”

Just being able to walk the stage served as a sigh of relief after fighting through a year of difficulty.

“Honestly it was kind of hard. It was my last stretch and for that to be the last stretch it was hard to keep pushing through but I did,” expressed Ellison. “I finished and just knowing that I had a degree at the end of the day was a big push for me.”

But the class of 2020 says they feel stronger than ever because from the concrete, a rose would grow.

“I think thrasher said it best when he said we’re the class to do it,” explained Bell. “He definitely hit it on the nail that we are the class that was able to bring out forward for everyone could experience moving forward.”

“Just reveling in the glory of I did it! You know we finally made it and I know there was a home celebration before but those three seconds of a moment when they call your name is what you expect out of your entire college career,” exclaimed Bachansingh.

The ceremony out a bow on a chapter for them that is now officially complete.

Saturday also marked John Thrasher’s final commencement ceremony as FSU’s president as he finished it off with the class of 2020.

The university surprised him by bringing his wife and the university’s deans to the stage as his name was called and he was able to shake hands with all the deans in remembrance for all the hands he shook during his tenure.

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