Jiminy Cricket: What a difference a year makes

Jiminy Cricket: What a difference a year makes
Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 6:51 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - What a difference a year makes. An abandoned puppy that was near death when he was found in February 2020 is now happy, healthy and featured on billboards across Tallahassee.

WCTV shared the story of the abandoned puppies back in February 2020. Someone had dumped them outside the Decatur County Humane Society.

Jiminy Cricket was the smallest, just skin and bones and weighing three pounds, when he was rescued and rushed to a veterinarian.

“The vet said, ‘I did not think he was going to make it through the first night, but he literally refused to die,’” Shannon Colavecchio told WCTV a few weeks after the rescue. Colavecchio was Jiminy Cricket’s foster mom, and later adopted him.

“It sounds cheesy, but stories like Jiminy’s are a reminder that even when things look very, very hopeless, that there is hope and that it’s worth surviving it and getting through it for what is on the other side,” Colavecchio said.

Jiminy is certainly on the other side now. He’s 80 pounds and loves to play ball in the backyard.

The Leon County Humane Society is featuring him on billboards across Tallahassee as it promotes its Paw Prints Calendar, one of their biggest fundraisers of the year.

“It’s fun and a cool way to give back,” said LCHS Executive Director Lisa Glunt.  “It’s a big boost for us as donations tend to wane in the summer.  So perfect timing.”

People can vote for 12 of their favorite pets and a cover model. Each vote raises a dollar which helps LCHS continue to rescue and care for abandoned, malnourished, and injured animals.

Glunt said LCHS takes in approximately 1000 dogs, cats and other pets throughout the year.

Voting for the 2021 Paw Prints Calendar will continue through June 30, and you can vote by clicking here.

Jiminy and some of last year’s contest winners, like Larry the cat and Annie the dog, are featured on billboards across Tallahassee right now in hopes of encouraging people to nominate their pets and vote for their favorites.

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