Woman called racial slur during argument at Hungry Howie’s speaks out

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 6:45 PM EDT
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MADISON COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) - An argument at a drive-thru in Madison County with video evidence showing a driver being called the “N” word is still garnering attention on social media.

WCTV sat down with Myeshia Tucker, the woman who was called the slur, to bring her side of the story.

Tucker says all she wanted was some late night Hungry Howie’s, but instead was called a racial slur after being accused of playing music too loud, something she says doesn’t sit right with her.

A video captured by the driver, Tucker, shows a portion of an argument between her and Madison resident and realtor Shawn White and her significant other.

Tucker told WCTV that the words coming from the two hurt her deeply.

“And that stuck with me because, like, sir, you don’t know me,” said Tucker.

Shortly after, the video shows white calling tucker the “N” word several times while walking away, something that Tucker said she isn’t used to.

“Dang, I’ve been in Madison my whole life, this is all I know,” said Tucker. “And for me to be called that in my own hometown, it’s like everywhere.”

Supporters of Tucker believe the incident could have been avoided if White didn’t approach the car, something the Madison Police Department Chief of Police Reggie Alexander agreed with.

“If I’m in my yard and someone’s 100 yards away from me, 100 feet away from you playing music and it’s disturbing me, I think I will call the police and they will deal with it, not take it upon myself,” said Chief Alexander.

The Madison County Sheriff also addressed the actions in the video in a statement, saying he does not condone aggressive and racial behavior to anyone by anyone. Chief Alexander echoed that sentiment.

“Just because you have the freedom of speech does it mean that you should go around aggressively, boldly just speaking what’s on your mind,” said Chief Alexander. “It doesn’t work like that because it causes other problems.”

During an interview with WCTV on Thursday, White issued an apology to the citizens of Madison County. Tucker believes it was directed in the wrong place.

“I don’t think she should have brought the community in on it because that was between me and her, so I felt like she should’ve addressed me versus the community,” said Tucker.

Both White and Tucker have filed complaints with the Madison Police Department and both sides will be taken into account in the investigation.

Chief Alexander said the Madison Police Department is still investigating and will be working closely with the State attorney’s Office to bring the case to a close.

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