Bizarre break-in: Suspect takes shower, caught only in towel

Updated: Jun. 12, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT
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MEADOW VISTA, Calif. (KOVR) – A homeowner says a man broke into his house using a ceramic bunny, took a shower and then walked down the stairs in just a towel.

That’s when Steve Baker grabbed his shotgun and held the intruder at gunpoint until police arrived.

“I pointed the gun at him and said, ‘Stop right there,’” the homeowner said.

Baker’s surveillance cameras captured the start of the bizarre break-in.

“He walked up the stairs to the door – obviously, he saw it was locked couldn’t get in – walked back down and picked up this little ceramic bunny we had in the garden,” he said.

Late Thursday evening, Baker and his wife were unaware that anything was amiss. He was fast asleep at the time and she was watching TV when suddenly she heard water running.

“She woke me up and in a panicked way said, ‘Get the gun, there’s somebody upstairs,’” he said.

Baker quickly got dressed and loaded the gun.

“I got to the bottom of the stairs and as I start to turn around the stairs, he was coming down the stairs wrapped in a towel … about as surreal as it could get,” he said.

The suspect had helped himself to a shower.

Baker’s wife called 911, while he held the suspect at gunpoint.

Deputies arrested 25-year-old Carrola Tiago-Freitas, who police believe broke in using the ceramic bunny to knock out a piece of glass in the front door.

Though certainly frightening at the time, Baker now laughs about what happened, grateful it didn’t have a different outcome.

“He’s lucky because someone else could’ve shot him,” Baker said.

The suspect has been charged with burglary.

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