Thomasville celebrates the 4th of July with a fireworks show on the 3rd

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 12:49 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The city of Thomasville put together their annual fireworks show Saturday night but this time with a twist. The event not including the usual vendors and activities and even took place on July 3rd. The city says they wanted to put together an event for all to enjoy in hopes to keep traditions alive and evoke the true meaning of Independence Day.

“I can’t remember a fourth of July when I didn’t watch fireworks.”

When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, most people think of food, fireworks and freedom so watching a fireworks show seems like normal thing to do.

“It’s an established tradition. It really is, it’s been around for as long as we can remember and it’s going to be around until we die,” shared J.D. Gladden.

The Thomasville firework show gave residents and visitors alike something to enjoy on what some call the best holiday of the year.

“Why wouldn’t it be? America is a free country. I love living here, I want to celebrate it,” exclaimed Tallahassee resident Jackson Rhodes.

The city of thomasville says they wanted to ensure everyone can continue to celebrate an annual gathering.

“So it was just important to continue the tradition and like I said get people and event to go to in the community because they are a custom to enjoy the fireworks in Thomasville so we didn’t want to take that away from them,” said City of Thomasville Event’s Manager Christy Owens. “We want to continue as much of the tradition as possible.”

The show created memories, that for some, can last a lifetime.

“Yeah I think it’s just tradition. It’s established tradition that like friends and family always do,” explained Monticello resident Hannah Hodges. “I’ve been watching fireworks with her since we were in like the eight grade so now it’s just normal and just something we do.”

And a reminder of what the fourth of July really means.

“I mean what this country was founded on makes it what it is today,” shared Connor Randolph. “And the people who are fighting overseas are more grateful and are sacrificing more than anyone else and they are doing that because of what this country is founded on.”

The city says they hope to be able to bring back vendors and the usual fun activities for next year’s celebration.

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