Tales of Tillie: Retired greyhound encouraging people to slow down

Tales of Tillie: Retired greyhound encouraging people to slow down
Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 6:04 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - While most of us are sleeping, a retired racing greyhound is up and ready to greet the sun.

Tillie has been walking the shores of Lake Jackson every day for nearly 10 years.

Now, her favorite walking companion is trying to share their daily dose of serenity with the world.

“There’s a certain time of the day, right before dawn and right after dawn, that everything feels different,” John Williams said as he and Tillie walked toward the water’s edge in the dark. “She just loves to get out and about and the earlier the better.”

It’s quiet on the shores of Lake Jackson this time of morning.

Tillie and Williams take a stroll before sunup each day, soaking in the serenity and the sunrise.

“It’s kind of like a moving meditation,” Williams said. “It’s beautiful this morning with the cloud formations and kind of watching the haze come off the lake, and it goes from this to brilliant pinks and oranges. It depends on the day. All days are beautiful in a different way.”

This retired greyhound used to race at JCKC.

“I needed a companion and Tillie needed a forever home,” Perry Henry said.

Henry adopted her 11 years ago and Tillie then adopted Williams.

Williams has been posting a “thought for the day” on Facebook for years.

“It’s just a thought and it’s a way to put yourself in a good position every morning,” Williams said.

Now, those canine contemplations are being captured in a book, “Tales of Tillie” whose proceeds will go to help the TMH Animal Therapy program.

When asked about what he hopes people will take away from the book, Williams answered simply, “To take a moment and really experience what’s all around you.”

Sometimes it’s just Tillie and Williams sharing the dawn of a new day with the wading birds and wildflowers.

Sometimes there’s a bird watcher or two.

This duo is hoping to share the hush of morning, the healing power of nature and the bond forged at daybreak.

“If it slows you down just a moment to focus on things that are important in your life, it’s useful,” Williams said of the daily postings and the new book.

“It’s wonderful,” Perry Henry said. “She brings quiet and thoughtfulness and composure to our lives. If she can connect with other people and they can connect with themselves and their surroundings, that’s beautiful.”

“Tales of Tllie” is being unveiled this Thursday The Fix Thrift shop from 5-7 p.m.

You can follow this link for more information or to get a sneak peek at the book.

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