Vaccine demand rises at VSU ahead of fall semester

Valdosta State University hosted a family and friends COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Student...
Valdosta State University hosted a family and friends COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Student Health Center.(WALB)
Published: Aug. 5, 2021 at 4:31 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - On Thursday, Valdosta State University (VSU) hosted a vaccine clinic open to students, faculty and the community.

WALB News 10 asked some students, why now?

Some said they weren’t sure about the vaccines months ago, but are ready to get it now.

“Like literally, today I decided to get it,” said Jodi Page.

VSU hosted the vaccine clinic amid a rise in COVID-19 cases.
VSU hosted the vaccine clinic amid a rise in COVID-19 cases. (WALB)

It was a spontaneous decision and she made an appointment Thursday morning and received her Blazer shot.

“I decided to get it now rather than later with the numbers rising and starting college again, just to be safe for myself and everyone out there and my family,” said Page.

Many like Page rushed to the Student Health Center Thursday morning, wanting to get it over with.

During the 15 minute observation period, Courtney Sullivan said she’s still going to be wearing her mask around campus, but wanted another layer of protection.

A little hesitant at first, Sullivan waited to see how her family reacted to the shot.

“I really wanted to wait for my parents to get it first so they can educate me and tell me what they experienced,” said Sullivan.

Once they received the shot and were fine, Sullivan decided to get it just in time for the fall semester.

Sullivan said COVID-19 didn’t hit close to home, but she did see the effects and toll it took on those around her. An experience she said she doesn’t want to go through herself.

“Recently, the demand is going up since the COVID cases are rising,” said Rebecca Brown, a nurse practitioner.

Details of VSU's vaccine clinic.
Details of VSU's vaccine clinic. (WALB)

Brown said they’re seeing more people making appointments for the shot. She said as demand rises, more time slots open up.

Over 3,000 vaccines have been administered at the student health center since they started offering them.

“I think if you get the shot, you’re protecting everyone and you’re protecting yourself. That’s going to better campus and life experience in general because communities helping communities,” said Gabrielle Lamura, a senior at VSU.

“I think it’s best to get the shot. Last year it was kind of tough in the classrooms. We did mostly online, so to get the atmosphere back in the school and classrooms,” said Maurice Gordon, another senior at VSU.

WALB didn’t hear from anyone on campus Thursday who said they were opposed to getting the shot.

The next clinic at the university will be Friday, Aug. 6, from 8:15 a.m. until noon.

And there will be another clinic on Sunday, Aug. 15.

If you’re interested in getting the shot at VSU, you can click here to make an appointment.

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