Leon County School Board member tests positive for COVID-19 after public meeting

Published: Aug. 6, 2021 at 7:14 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Leon County School Board member Rosanne Wood of District 2 recently tested positive for COVID-19, she announced Thursday.

Wood said she strongly believes she caught the virus after attending a school board meeting open for public comment on July 27. Dozens of parents can be seen on the live stream video sitting less than six feet from each other, majority unmasked.

“We were going to have a crowded room with unmasked, unvaccinated people and that’s exactly what happened,” said Wood, sharing that she expressed her concerns for the meeting conditions.

Although she was masked, Wood sat close to the crowd as parents took turns talking about their stance on the policy for masking in schools.

“We were in that room for a long time. Three hours, four hours actually and people were yelling and you know speaking loudly and that’s how you transfer the virus, through the air,” she said.

Currently in quarantine Wood is a breakthrough case. She was vaccinated back in January and told WCTV that she’s done her best to avoid being around people unmasked and unvaccinated.

She claimed that during the meeting some people got up and announced that they were not vaccinated and never would be, which is why she’s convinced that someone from the meeting passed it on to her.

Wood said that she thinks it’s ironic that she now has COVID. While she wore a mask in the room that day, she said she was protecting others, but was unprotected since few decided to wear masks in return.

“I do think it’s irresponsible to go inside, I don’t think it matters outside, but inside in a room with people. Just out of respect people should at least wear a mask and more respect would be to go get vaccinated.”

Wood said she has asthma so when she had difficulty breathing she originally thought nothing more of it. It wasn’t until she started having headaches that she got tested and her results came back positive.

Despite being fully vaccinated and wearing a mask, Wood said she hopes her breakthrough cases is a lesson to the community that unless everyone gets vaccinated, no one is really exempt from getting the virus.

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