‘Timmy to Tally a success’: Dillan Gibbons helps raise money to bring his close friend to Tallahassee for Game Day

Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 1:34 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Reunited and it feels so good. A story about an FSU football grad transfer helping a close friend has come to fruition as the mission “Timmy to Tally” was a success.

Dillan Gibbons used his NIL deal with a GoFundMe to raise money to bring Timothy Donovan to Sunday’s Notre Dame game.

“There’s not really words that can justify how I was feeling but I’m just so excited to be here and so excited to provide that,” said the FSU offensive lineman.

Gibbons described the moment when he finally reunited with his biggest fan after over a year of not seeing each other. The duo did not miss a beat.

“It’s really surreal, just all this time, it’s been a couple of years and finally getting to see him again and them picking up right where they left off, it’s awesome,” said Timothy’s dad, Tim Donovan.

The former Fighting Irish lineman raised more than $50,000 to help bring Timothy to Tallahassee for a game that means so much to the both of them, but the family says it’s bigger than just the money.

“No it’s not about, it’s more about what it really means the most to us is that Dillan is there for Timothy and the fact that we know if Timothy ever needs a friend or help with anything that we can contact Dillan and he will always be there for him,” explained Timothy’s mom, Paula Donovan.

Thursday, Timothy got to meet the rest of the offensive line as they gathered for a pregame pizza tradition. A moment he and Dillan were extremely excited about.

“I’m excited just to hang out with Dillan and everyone else,” said Timothy Donovan.

“I’m just so excited for Timothy to be able to enjoy the game and for the whole family to be here and really just make the most of it,” said Gibbons.

The family said they’re thankful for the love they’ve received from the Seminole community.

“It was just really overwhelming and heartwarming to see how much love they had for Timothy,” says Paula Donovan. “I felt like all Tallahassee was expecting them and we’re just happy to be here.”

Although they’re Notre Dame fans, when it comes to the game, the family says their alliance lies with Dillan.

The family says they will be at the game Sunday night at Doak Campbell Stadium and they hope to see Dillan and the Seminoles start the season off with a win.

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