DeSoto Trail Elementary School parents are concerned about dangerous pickup line traffic

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 1:35 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A concern across the Leon County has been increased traffic around schools, especially during pickup and drop-off. But DeSoto Trail Elementary School specifically has parents worried about their kids safety.

“I would just like to feel safe crossing the street going to my own home.”

Parents like Kristine McAllister say picking their kids up from school has become a nightmare with two lane roads like Velda Dairy lacking safety precautions.

“The problem is the traffic is backing up and without a crosswalk or even a crossing guard, lots of cars are coming into oncoming traffic and causing near fatal accidents,” said McAllister.

Crossing guards at DeSoto Trail say they’ve worked there for years, and that this traffic is the worst they’ve seen and parents are echoing that sentiment.

“This is our third school year at DeSoto Trail and by far this is the worst we’ve ever seen it where as maybe once a month we would encounter the problem but now it’s every day,” said DeSoto Trail Elementary parents Irene Lykens.

On the opposite side of the school, Kerry Forest Parkway has a school zone, crosswalks and crossing guards but parents want the same treatment for Velda Dairy road.

“We just need a law enforcement present to be writing tickets, and to be letting people know that this is not acceptable behavior,” explained Lykens.

“I would love to see at a bare minimum a flashing light with the school zone,” exclaimed McAllister. “It would great be great to have a crossing guard so that I can feel safe that traffic would stop.”

McAllister said she hopes the school district and law enforcement will hear their cries and help resolve their concerns.

“The way it is right now it’s like we hold hands and just run across the street and just hope that we don’t get hit,” Shared McAllister. “I just I would like to see more attention to Velda Dairy.”

We reached out to both The City of Tallahassee and law enforcement, the city has yet to get back to us while Law Enforcement says they have already been monitoring the area and plan to go back to the school.

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