Construction underway to add roundabout in Thomasville

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 6:07 PM EDT
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - Major construction in South Georgia kicked off Monday on South Pinetree Boulevard and Magnolia Road.

The busy Thomasville road will soon have a roundabout added. Officials with the city say the hope is to improve the traffic flow in the area.

The project was recommended by the Department of Transportation, according to the Thomasville City Engineer, and will be the second roundabout in town.

Funded under a grant by the DOT from 2017, city engineer Todd Powell says several roundabouts in surrounding communities have proven beneficial in the flow of traffic and slowing motorists down.

The hope is, when the project is complete, the community will see the same results.

“We have some roundabouts around the area. There’s one in Moultrie, there’s one in Tallahassee and Bradfordville, actually, and also, there’s one in Monticello. So, we found that once people get used to them, they do find them beneficial,” Powell explained.

Powell adds that several other roads have been enhanced under the funding, including resurfacing on South Pinetree from West Jackson to Old Monticello Road, adding gutters and a sidewalk along West Jackson to Magnolia and relocating utilities.

Several people WCTV spoke to within the community said they believe the traffic in the area gets a little hectic at times and they’re hopeful the roundabout will help slow things down.

The project is expected to take about five weeks to complete.

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