‘Mission850′ still helping communities three years after Hurricane Michael

Mission850 have made it their priority to tend to those still reeling from these life-changing storms.
Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 10:42 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Three years ago, Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida panhandle, leaving behind damage that is still yet to be dealt with.

But groups like Mission850 have made it their priority to tend to those still reeling from these life-changing storms.

“It’s our responsibility to show up and to help and that changes lives and that changes communities,” said Dot Wagner, Mission Coordinator for Mission 850.

Wagner has dedicated her life to helping those in need, and after moving to Panama City, she saw firsthand the effect Hurricane Michael still had on the area.

“We drive around everyday and we visit people and we see firsthand how much there is to be done and how three years of waiting for help can really weigh on somebody’s spirits and someone’s hope,” said Wagner.

Wagner says there’s people still living without day to day comforts that others may take for granted.

“There are still people here in our own backyard suffering and don’t have air conditioning for example going on three years since the storm,” explained Wagner. “And so just bringing that awareness to the community and helping folks is important to us.”

Those that live in the panhandle are very aware of the significance of October 10th.

“There’s been church serves and park gatherings and great events going on all day long for people that want to remember or celebrate how far we’ve come in the recovery and also the cool thing is now people want to help others who have been hit by hurricanes,” said Wagner.

Wagner noted that volunteers from all over the panhandle and the Big Bend area have made multiple trips to Louisiana and other places in need to lend a helping hand. Their generosity is bringing a sense of hope to a community that desperately needed it.

“But they also remember the people who come and who show up and the stories that people tell about someone driving in with a van load of diapers from Jacksonville or somebody out of Texas with chainsaws and helping someone get a tree off their car,” said Wagner.

If you’re currently in need of assistance due to the effects of Hurricane Michael, or just want to help in recovery efforts, please visit Mission850′s official website.

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