South Georgia hospitals seeing decrease in COVID hospitalizations, say vaccinations are helping drop numbers

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 5:32 PM EDT
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - Health officials say COVID-19 numbers have shown a significant decline in the last few weeks and say vaccinations might be the reason why.

In Thomasville, Archbold Medical Center is reporting 19 coronavirus-related hospitalizations, down tremendously from three weeks ago when hospitalizations were nearly doubled.

Health officials in South Georgia are excited to see COVID numbers and hospitalizations on a steady decline.

“Delta came on a little slow, but it peaked really fast and then it dropped off real fast. So, we’re down to a third of what we had even three weeks ago,” explained Dr. Coy Irvin, the Chief Medical Officer for Archbold Medical Center. “Seems to be working out really well.”

Dr. Irvin says the younger population getting vaccinated, along with the booster shots, might have something to do with the decreasing numbers. He says after people under the age of 65 started being hospitalized with COVID, vaccinations increased.

He adds it remains the most recommended preventative measure.

“Fortunately, our current numbers are nowhere near where they were two months ago,” Colquitt Regional Medical Center’s Dr. Michael Brown said.

In September, Colquitt Regional had 116 patients admitted despite the hospital having only 99 beds. Dr. Brown says, currently, the hospital has about 25 patients.

He also attributes the decrease to vaccinations.

“We are seeing a lot of people that have gotten their initial vaccination course and are getting their boosters,” Dr. Brown said.

Officials say the decrease in numbers are a good sign but that the pandemic is not over. Dr. Brown says we’ve seen COVID come in waves and the vaccine, as well as masking, is still the best way to mitigate another surge.

With major holidays on the way, officials say there’s a slight worry when it comes to large gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Officials say because Halloween is mainly celebrated outside, there is not a major concern there.

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