Help Wanted! School staff shortages continue across South Georgia

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 12:26 PM EDT
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MOULTRIE, Ga. (WCTV) - Worker shortages are continuing to stretch employers thin across the country, and in South Georgia, school districts are desperately calling for people to apply for jobs.

It’s an issue that Colquitt County Superintendent Ben Wiggins said all school districts are having, mainly involving service jobs like bus drivers and cafeteria workers.

On display in front of the board of education building is a school bus with a banner that reads “Bus drivers wanted”. Wiggins said it’s one of many ways the district has tried to encourage people to apply for employment, along with increasing pay for the positions.

“Every school system in the state of Georgia and the country has really struggled with getting employees after COVID,” said Wiggins.

Bus routes have been consolidated to make up for the shortage and substitute drivers have been helping transport students daily. However, Wiggins said these changes are not a permanent solution and that he needs nine drivers to complete the transportation staff.

“We are looking for cafeteria custodians,” said Mandy Kinsey, the Director of the school nutrition program.

Kinsey said the program is also short staffed, and she’s looking for seven custodians to work in the cafeteria. The position includes unloading trucks, stocking food and cleaning.

“Most of my employees are used to multiple people doing these positions and now nobody is doing these positions,” she said, and now kitchen staff has taken on the additional work.

Wiggins said the district was lucky enough to fill over 100 positions in the school system, however some of the most important positions are still under staffed and he’s dedicated to doing all he can to fill them.

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