“An ill-informed political tool”: Congressman Crist denounces Florida Surgeon General

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 7:18 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Florida Surgeon General Doctor Joseph Ladapo has been under fire in recent weeks, and another critic joined the chorus on Wednesday.

Congressman Charlie Crist, who is running for Florida Governor, called for Dr. Ladapo to resign.

The comments came after Ladapo refused to wear a mask inside the office of a Florida state senator currently battling breast cancer.

Congressman Crist says he does not believe Dr. Ladapo is qualified to lead the state of Florida as Surgeon General.

That’s why he’s asking for Governor Ron DeSantis to either rescind his appointment, or for Ladapo to resign.

The congressman and Democratic gubernatorial candidate voiced these concerns Wednesday, along with doctors and physicians across the state.

Crist called Ladapo “an ill-informed political tool” for Governor DeSantis. He also said Ladapo showed a blatant lack of respect to Senator Tina Polsky.

Critical Care physician and pulmonologist Dr. Jeff Berman told WCTV on Wednesday that Florida needs sound leadership, and the Surgeon General needs experience in public health.

“Since this pandemic began, he has totally downplayed the pandemic, downplayed in terms of opposing any mask mandates, opposing vaccines, downplaying the efficacy of vaccines,” said Dr. Berman.

Senator Polsky asked Ladapo to leave her office, after refusing to wear a mask. Due to her battle with breast cancer, Polsky is immunocompromised and at greater risk of contracting and suffering from COVID-19.

Doctor Ladapo released a statement saying that he would never knowingly be disrespectful to someone, but can’t communicate effectively while masked.

In a statement from the governor’s office, a spokesperson explained that Governor DeSantis stands by his hiring decision, and is not reconsidering Dr. Ladapo’s appointment.

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