Student Body President Carrington Whigham excited to further FAMU’s legacy

WCTV's Ben and Katie speak with FAMU Student Body President Carrington Whigham.
Published: Oct. 29, 2021 at 9:03 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - FAMU’S Madam President, senior Carrington Whigham, is at the top of the food chain for the university’s Student Government Association.

Her election last spring was the culmination point of a college career of leadership. She was elected to the Student Senate as a freshman, and then served as Vice President her junior year. Now, she’s running the show - just like her father, Andrew Whigham III, did more than 30 years ago.

“No one wanted the smoke,” Carrington joked when asked why she ran unopposed for SGA president.

The woman who is now in charge of a seven-figure budget isn’t cocky, but has never lacked confidence.

And, the Texas native always aims high. For example, recruiting NBA legend Dwayne Wade to appear on an Instagram Live in support of her campaign for Vice President two years ago.

“That was the hard race,” Carrington recalled.

Wade, along with actress Keke Palmer’s support, helped Carrington and her running mate win by getting thousands of people to tune in on social media.

Then, a year later, Carrington became FAMU’s first female president in more than five years.

“Just broke the cycle,” Carrington said with a laugh.

“He was the Centennial President,” Carrington said of her dad, Andrew Whigham III.

“I’m a proud graduate of FAMU, and past student body president,” Andrew said proudly.

Whigham III was in charge 34 years ago.

“People were coming back the Centennial year. We were ready,” Andrew said.

Then, on Homecoming weekend three decades later, as a dad this time, Andrew took his daughter to sit in on the meetings he used to run.

“You know, kids have different perceptions of their parents. And I said, you know, your dad was doing big things here at FAMU. Let’s sit down and go through this meeting,” Andrew recalled.

It made a profound impact on his daughter.

“To see the power and the professionalism that the students had during the senate meeting, I was like, oh, sign me up,” Carrington said.

Andrew was pleasantly surprised when Carrington ended up applying to just one college: Florida A&M University. He was even more excited when he learned she would be following in his footsteps in more ways than one.

“As soon as I was running, He literally could not say anything. Mind you. That’s a very rare for my dad,” Carrington joked.

Now the former big man on campus is thrilled about the trail his daughter continues to blaze.

“With her doing the things that I tried to accomplish during my day, it’s a little sweeter,” Andrew said proudly.

After 30 plus years, the “smoke” - and the Whigham’s substance - are still too much to handle.

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