Carter’s Corner opens new resource center for fathers

Carter's Corner opened on East Lafayette St. last month, providing an open space for safe...
Carter's Corner opened on East Lafayette St. last month, providing an open space for safe dialogue.(WCTV)
Published: Nov. 25, 2021 at 9:41 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Building up the community can begin with building up fathers.

That’s the goal of Carter’s Corner, a new resource center in Tallahassee. It’s the home for the 24:7 Dads program, offering training and support for fathers.

Carter’s Corner opened on East Lafayette St. last month, providing an open space for safe dialogue.

“I was a 16, 17 year old dad. You don’t get a manual beforehand, you learn how to be a dad after the kid come,” said founder Dr. Sam Carter. “What we have in our community are a lot of kids who’ve grown up without the facilitation of a father.”

Carter’s Corner and the 24:7 Dads program helps fathers develop healthy parenting skills while offering support and guidance.

“When men are involved in their kids lives, when men of the community have a strong foundation of good information and resources, the community is generally better,” Carter said.

Kelly Payne connected with Carter about a year ago, and will soon enroll in 24:7 Dads.

The program offers small group sessions with about five to seven men. Through open communication and building trust with one another, the men help each other grow and talk through barriers their facing at home.

“I never had a father, someone I could go to and ask for fatherly advice, or just any kind of advice pertaining to a male,” Payne said. “Just the talks that me and Mr. Sam have had made me a better father to my three children.”

He’s a single father of three teenagers, and says the program has helped him better communicate with his kids.

“You can come talk to me, you can tell me anything that you need to tell me, I’m here, versus hey, tell me what’s going on,” Payne said. “That matters, and I got that from here.”

Jontae Jackson is also involved in 24:7 Dads. He enrolled in the program following strained relationships at home.

Jackson is a 23 year veteran of the Army National Guard, and says the small group sessions have given him a new sense of self awareness.

“I don’t know where along the way I developed this, but I became the sergeant at home and not the dad,” Jackson said. “I was able to start to understand where my kids were coming from. Me and my wife got five kids together, so I’ve had to understand the different personalities of each child.”

Jackson says he now has stronger, personal relationships with each of his children.

Carter says the resource center is designed to be a space to come as you are, but leave a better man.

“We’re working on building future leaders,” Carter said. “We want them to pour in to their kid so that their kid becomes a productive part of our community and contribute in a positive way.”

Carter’s Corner also offers business and legal advice and support for fathers in the program.

Carter says the best way to get involved is to stop by the resource center or reach out on Facebook.

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