Pastor pens poem for Art Myers’ retirement

Published: Dec. 16, 2021 at 12:22 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Pastor Kenneth Frame has watched Art Myers on the Good Morning Show for years.

“Every day, I watch Art, my wife won’t have it any other way. I tried to turn it to CNN and she said, oh no, we need WCTV,” Frame said. “Art Myers, he’s just funny. I like him.”

Frame, a Tallahassee parking enforcement technician and pastor of Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Port St. Joe, writes poetry on the side. He wanted to do something special for Myers’ retirement.

“Art Myers is a cool dude and me and my wife just get so tickled when he’s on the news and the little jokes he tells - they’re so corny though - but he’s a cool dude and I wanted to do something special for him,” Frame said. “I know he’s leaving us but he has truly been an inspiration to all the citizens here in this beautiful city we call Tallahassee.”

The Journalist Love

Dedication is something that can’t be taught

It is the character of the soul that shapes the heart

For 37 year he’s passed every test

By giving Tallahassee and South Georgia his very best

Waking up each day at the crack of dawn

Kissing his wife Dee-Dee before leaving his home

You see she is a big part of his major success

For God blessed him with his very best

As the birds in trees sing their songs

To honor Art Myers who is moving on

For he worked hard to get the news just right

For WCTV was a part his life

Working every day with the cast and crew

To make sure that our citizens had the right news

For this man of integrity was one of a kind

For his love for journalism will touch your mind

The son of an Air Force Pilot who raised him just right

So the dreams he had could take flight

For the college he chose was TCC

And this is where he earned his journalist degree

And started his career at WCTV

In the beautiful city of Tallahassee

Now I was a little surprised when I saw him dance

And I said to my wife, he must have ants in his paints

But either way he got the job done

Because him and his news team was just having some fun

We will miss Art Myers every single day

And we will always remember you when we pray

Farewell our friend and wish you the best

And please take some time to get a little rest

For it will take a real hero to fill your shoes

Because no one can give us the news like you

By sharing the news of the good and the bad

But one thing is for sure he would make us laugh

For his Journalist love will always last

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