Thomas County deputies set up dedicated tipline for Henderson manhunt

Members of the public can call 229-201-1222 with any information that can help law enforcement in their manhunt.
Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 7:04 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 13, 2022 at 12:08 PM EST
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OCHLOCKNEE, Ga. (WCTV) — The Thomas County Sheriff’s Office announced it has set up a dedicated tipline as it continues to search for Tyler Henderson, the man accused of shooting two deputies early Tuesday morning.

Members of the public can call 229-201-1222 with any information that can help law enforcement in their manhunt. The reward for information leading to Henderson’s arrest is $10,000. Callers to the tipline can remain anonymous if they please.

TCSO Captain Stephen Jones says the command post for the search is set up in Ochlocknee, which is where Tuesday’s shooting happened.

“The scope is still the same. We’re trying to bring this guy in. We’re taking a little different approach than what we were the first two days of the search. We still have 75 to 80 law enforcement officers from all over South Georgia, North Florida, US Marshals, GBI, State Patrol,” Jones says. “I can’t name them all because there’s so many and I don’t want to leave someone out.”

Jones says the command post is in Ochlocknee so they can stay centrally located where they know he has ties. Officers are searching for Henderson in multiple locations.

Henderson shot at three deputies after he got a hold of one of their guns as they tried to serve an arrest warrant around midnight Tuesday, according to TCSO.

One of the deputies was hit under their bulletproof vests, while another was shot in their vest. Jones says two of the deputies are at home doing well, while one is still in the hospital.

That deputy is stable and TCSO will continue to provide updates on his status.

Deputies say Henderson is a 25-year-old white man who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs around 212 pounds and has hazel eyes and brown hair. They also say his hairstyle was close-cut and he has some facial hair.

Henderson is still considered armed and dangerous, and Jones recommends the public stays vigilant.

“Anyone that’s home, of course, lock your doors. If you see anyone strange wandering your neighborhood that looks out of place or on your property that doesn’t belong there, pick up the phone, call the tipline. Call 9-1-1 if it’s someone you’re actually afraid of, and we’ll get out there,” says Jones.

The sheriff’s office is already getting quite a few tips.

Jones says TCSO appreciates the help they’re getting from all around South Georgia.

“The outpouring of support from surrounding counties has just been amazing,” Jones says. “We’ll do the same thing. If someone has a deputy or officer shot, we’re coming.”

You can read WCTV’s previous coverage on the manhunt below.

The search for Tyler Henderson continues.

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - As the manhunt for Tyler Henderson continues, the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office says a homeowner outside of Meigs, Georgia chased Henderson out of their house with a shotgun early Wednesday morning.

Deputies tell our Jaclyn Harold that Henderson broke into a family member’s house around 4 a.m. and was chased back into a wooded area outside of the home.

Deputies have now stretched their search efforts to just outside of Meigs, Georgia to try and arrest Henderson.

Several law enforcement agencies such as U.S. Marshalls, Lowndes County Sheriff’s and Thomasville Police have joined the search for Henderson. Leon County deputies and GSP are searching overhead using helicopters.

This is a developing story. Keep checking back for more updates.

A manhunt for Tyler Henderson, 25, is still underway in South Georgia after officials say he shot two Thomas County deputies.

Original story:

A manhunt for Tyler Henderson, 25, is still underway in South Georgia after officials say he shot two Thomas County deputies.

The shooting happened around midnight in Ochlocknee, Ga., and the search has been active since.

Neighbors described Tuesday morning as “sleepless” following a large law enforcement presence in the early morning hours. When many realized what caused the chaos, they say they were in disbelief.

“Deputies from the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office went to Ellen Street to try and execute a warrant on a Tyler Henderson. A struggle ensured and during that struggle, Mr. Henderson was able to take the deputies weapon,” Thomas County Sheriff’s Office Captain Tim Watkins said.

Capt. Watkins says one deputy was shot in his vest while the other was shot underneath his armor. Officials say Henderson fled on foot while deputies called for backup.

The whole situation left many neighbors, like Larry Spicer, uneasy.

“Everybody was real upset about it because not too many folks take kind to him around here no-how,” Spicer said.

Henderson was on parole for a robbery, burglary and aggravated assault incident but violated parole with an arrest last month, prompting the warrant Tuesday.

Officials say they’re encouraging Henderson to turn himself in but ensuring that the search will continue until he’s caught.

In the meantime, neighbors say they’re taking the necessary precautions.

“So everybody that I know and everybody phone number that I can think of, I call them and tell them to lock their doors,” Spicer continued.

According to Capt. Watkins, one of the deputies shot has been treated and released from the hospital. The other is expected to recover, but is still receiving treatment for their injuries.

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