Blade’s Barbershop and Maverick’s Tropical Island host a day of appreciation for the community

Tallahassee brothers and business owners team up for a day of appreciation for the community.
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 1:42 AM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - To show gratitude to the community for supporting local businesses, Blade’s Barbershop and Maverick’s Tropical Island held a community appreciation event today in Tallahassee.

A family-friendly event allowing residents to enjoy free food and drinks and fun for the kids.

“We just wanted to let the community know that we appreciate everything that they do for us and give back,” said Blade’s Barbershop and Chicken Box owner Dante Rivers.

Brothers Dante and Anthony Rivers say they’ve seen the sadness Covid has brought onto families and businesses, so they wanted to host an event to spread some joy.

“You know we’ve had a lot of tragedies so just to network and you know bring some love throughout the community,” shard Maverick’s Tropical Island Owner Anthony Rivers. “So we decided today to give out some free food away and introduce our businesses to the community.”

The event was held outside to give vendors space to safely provide service and allow for some fun as well.

“You know with social distancing we’re still trying to gather as best as we can and stay healthy and safe so we just decided to do something on a more positive note than just being you know coming together for tragic times,” explained Rivers.

The even creating a sense of peace and happiness, even just for a few moments.

“Look at everybody having fun with some nice weather and everybody got a smile on their face. We like it,” exclaimed Dante Rivers.

A day full of gratitude for a community continuing to hold each other together.

“We just want to tell the community thank you for the continued support through all the tough times everybody go through and we all are just here for the community,” said Rivers.

The Rivers brothers say if they Covid numbers permit, they would love to turn this event into a monthly thing moving forward.

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