Manhunt for Tyler Henderson nears three full days

Local, state and federal agencies continue to search for fugitive Tyler Henderson in South Georgia.
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 6:07 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Local, state and federal agencies continue to search for fugitive Tyler Henderson in South Georgia.

Police say Henderson shot two Thomas County Sheriff’s Office deputies when they were trying to arrest him early Tuesday morning; he’s been on the run since then.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to call in with tips, increasing the reward for information about Henderson’s whereabouts to $10,000.

“He shot two deputies. He’s a danger to our community. We want him in custody,” Thomas County Sheriff’s Captain Steven Jones said.

Jones said law enforcement agencies believe Henderson is still in Thomas County, but they are not limiting their search.

They responded to more than 20 tips on Thursday, including calls from surrounding counties.

Jones said they will work around the clock until Henderson is in custody.

“Every time these guys go out on a mission we send them out on, adrenaline is up. They’re on highest alert. We’re treating each and every one of them as if it’s going to be the one where we find this guy. That’s the part that gets exhausting to the people responding to these missions is going up, doing your job, and then coming back down and waiting on the next one to come in,” Jones said.

Some Ochlocknee residents are concerned.

Richard Sellers is from Thomasville; he now lives in Ochlocknee with his wife and two grandchildren.

“We feel concerned and we feel that it would be best if he just turned hisself in because ain’t no sense in him getting killed over something this stupid. He’s scared, I know he’s scared, he’s on the run, and when somebody’s scared and on the run they’ll do anything that they can to survive,” Sellers said.

He urged Henderson to turn himself in and reminded residents to stay vigilant.

“Lock your doors. If you got a good dog, bring it inside. A dog will warn you if somebody’s trying to get in your house,” Sellers said. “If you feel like your life’s being threatened, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Jones reminded residents not to approach Henderson; he is still considered armed and dangerous. He said if you have an old barn or abandoned building on your property where you think he may be hiding, call the tip line, rather than checking the spot yourself.

The tip line going directly to the command center in Ochlocknee is 229-201-1222.

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