Leon County family reacts to rising Covid numbers in schools

A Tallahassee family talks about the rising Covid numbers and absences at schools since the return from Winter Break.
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 11:36 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Since coming back from winter break Covid numbers have continued to rise for Leon County Schools and is starting to draw concerns from students and parents alike.

Covid-19 has taken it’s toll on schools everywhere but one Tallahassee high school student says she’s seen a big impact from the Omicron variant since returning from winter break.

“Even with Sail being a small school I’ve still seen people being absent, I’ve still been seeing people not wearing masks with the high Covid numbers with people opting out and more and more people opting out,” shared Sail High School Senior Kyra Densmore.

These absences are reflected in the county wide numbers as well.

“Our attendance rates however with our kids are much lower than it usually is. Usually our daily attendance ranges districtwide from 95% to 96% but since we’ve returned we are in the low 80s. Around 82% or 83%,” explained Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

And for some students, missing class is something they can’t afford.

“When I think about being absent from school it’s so anxiety-inducing because I know getting an F in a college course it is hard to come back from,” described Densmore.

These ramifications are making some parents question if they should keep sending their kids back to school each day.

“I kind of feel like a bad parent that I’m sending my children out into a pandemic,” shared Leon County Parent Eli Parmarter.

But Parmarter does believe the school district is doing the best they can.

“Regardless it is very divided and I think Leon County Schools are doing a really good job on trying to find a middle but I don’t know what they can do better because they are just struggling like the rest of us are,” explained Parmarter.

Hanna says he will always have his students well-being in mind but he’s thankful for everyone working to keep the schools running.

“We will keep adjusting and do the best we can but I’m so thankful to everyone who is making this happen,” said Hanna. “From our bus drivers, to our teachers, our food service workers to keep our kids safe and keep our schools open.”

Hanna says he knows any variant may scare some families but asks if you’re child isn’t feeling any symptoms to please send them to school.

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