Leaked video shows alleged white supremacist group training in Tallahassee

Newly leaked video shows a white supremacist group training new members near Tallahassee.
Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 5:11 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A recently leaked video shows alleged members of a white supremacist group training near the shores of Lake Talquin. The Anti-Defamation League tells WCTV they believe this is an authentic video of the group known as “Patriot Front.”

Although the video was recorded in Fall 2021, its release comes a time when antisemitic acts and questions about Holocaust education are once against making headlines.

WCTV spoke to people with close connections to the Holocaust Thursday.

Barbara Goldstein, who runs the Holocaust Education Resource Council in Tallahassee, says she’s had a troubling few days. Between the release of the video in Tallahassee and a Neo Nazi group staging near an Orlando-area shopping mall over the weekend, Goldstein says it’s horrific.

An assault investigation connected to that protest in Central Florida is underway.

Goldstein says it’s a wake-up call and a chance to reflect.

“What would you do if this happened right in front of you? Would you stop it, or not stop it?” Goldstein says.

The rally in Orlando also shocked Tallahassee resident Mark Friedemann, who shared his father’s incredible Holocaust survival story with WCTV in 2019.

“The swastika on a flag out on a city street in Florida, it’s a bit too much. It’s shocking, and extremely unfortunate,” Friedemann says.

Closer to home, a video allegedly shows members of the Patriot Front Training near Lake Talquin. The ADL tells WCTV the group is paranoid about confrontation with alt-left groups.

The group split from a neo-nazi group in 2017, but kept much of its ideology, according to the ADL.

The ADL says these training sessions from last fall, while disturbing, didn’t break the law.

This comes as a Tennessee school district made national headlines for banning “Maus,” an acclaimed graphic novel by a holocaust survivor used for decades to teach about the Holocaust.

The district says the book was banned for its nudity and language. Goldstein says that’s a poor excuse.

“Reflect the truth, the facts, that happened during history,” she says. “Unfortunately, the truth is not comfortable in many ways.”

But Friedemann says the ban has a silver lining.

“The banning of that book has actually created a wave of enthusiasm for that book,” Friedemann says.

Booksellers like Amazon are seeing an uptick in sales for “Maus.”

If you’re interested in learning about the Holocaust yourself, Midtown Reader is hosting a virtual conservation at 7 p.m. Thursday with an author and grandchild of a survivor.

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