Christ-led volunteer group Campers on Mission help rebuild a South Georgia Church after Hurricane Michael

A group of retired families known as Campers on Mission helped New Life at Lake Seminole rebuild following Hurricane Michael's devastation.
Published: Feb. 5, 2022 at 2:34 AM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Rising from the rubble.

It’s been more than three years since New Life at Lake Seminole Church of God was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

The congregation say they never imagined they would be able to worship in their own church building again.

A year ago if you would’ve asked New Life at Lake Seminole Pastor Glen Elmore if he thought a new church building would be almost complete, he would tell you it was a dream. But thanks to some unlikely heroes he calls God-sent, that dream is now a reality.

“Everyday, I thank the lord for what he’s doing here,” said New Life at Lake Seminole Church of God Pastor Glen Elmore.

New Life at Lake Seminole went from being unsalvageable to renewed, something Pastor Elmore never saw coming.

“For three years we were wondering if this was actually going to happen and it was right after the third year that things began to come together,” explained Pastor Elmore.

Enter Campers on a Mission, a group of retired volunteers who rebuild churches and don’t ask for much in return.

“It’s a good life. We usually come to a church like this and it’s not set in stone but if the church can afford it they generally feed us one meal a day and they will generally nowadays have wi-fi,” shared Campers on a Mission’s Howard Newberry.

The rest of the works is left to the volunteers. They live in their campers and RV’s and work tirelessly five days a week for one common goal, to serve the lord.

“It’s just an extension of that. We volunteer and we want to serve our lord so we thank you can’t do it in a better way,” said Newberry.

These men and their wives have been retired for years with most of them being 70 and older. But they say they’re dedicated to doing the good work.

“We realize these small churches would not be able to afford to build these buildings if it wasn’t for the volunteer work that we do and we’ve just been blessed and are trying to give some of it back,” said Campers on a Mission’s Kenneth Dykes.

The better halves of the men can be seen sewing quilts, blankets and clothes to donate to local hospitals and ministries while their husbands work on the projects. A sense of selflessness Pastor Elmore can’t thank them enough for.

“I can’t give them enough, I know it’s for God’s glory but at the same time I thank the Lord for them every day,” exclaimed Elmore.

Pastor Elmore tells me the church is super excited to open their doors once again to minister to their community.

The group says their set to finish the church completely by the end of spring.

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