Local Founders of Ukraine Non-Profit heartbroken for second family and home amid Russia invasion

Fillmon’s “His Kids Too” organization.
Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 9:16 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Since 1998, Teresa and Rich Fillmon from Tallahassee have served orphans, the homeless, people with disabilities and soldiers in Southeastern Ukraine.

In 2011, the Fillmon’s started the non-profit, “His Kids Too”, and opened a Community Center 5 miles from the Russia border in Dzerzhynsk, Ukraine.

As Russia invades Ukraine, the couple is terrified for the safety of their loved ones and struggling to contact them.

“We’re crushed. We could lose everything. Our friends, home, community center and our mission,” Teresa Fillmon said.

While on that mission, the couple adopted two children from Ukraine.

“Our daughter has a lot of friends there. For her, it’s very hard. We are also scared for the teenage boys that came to our center and are now old enough to be drafted,” Teresa explained.

The family has heard from a staff member at their Ukraine Community Center that said children are coming there for shelter and to take their minds off the surrounding conflict as bombing is happening outside.

“The children have become numb. They think this is shelling like years ago. They don’t realize this is much more intense,” Teresa said.

The Fillmon’s said they are concerned for their friends in Ukraine, but they have witnessed their incredible response to adversity over the years.

“They are going to die with their boots on. They are not going to beg for help,” Teresa said.

The Fillmon’s believe all they can do is to give and pray.

“Our faith is shaken to the core. This war is a David and Goliath situation, and we keep looking for five smooth stones.”

If you would like to support the Fillmon’s Non-Profit, “His Kids Too”, which benefits orphans, children with disabilities, the homeless, and soldiers in Ukraine, visit the website at https://hiskidstoo.org/.

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