77-year-old retiree hits the workforce again

77-year-old retiree rejoins the workforce.
Published: Mar. 26, 2022 at 10:53 AM EDT
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BAINBRIDGE, GA (WCTV) -A Bainbridge man says he saw a story on WCTV regarding the trucker shortage across the country and that was enough to bring him t of retirement and on track to hit the road.

Bill Nichols, 77, enrolled at Southern Regional Technical College to get his commercial driver’s license and say if he can do it, then so can you.

“You have to commend somebody like that. He’s still able to help and he wants to help,” Shane Herring said, commercial truck driver instructor at SRTC.

Hard work comes easy to Nichols who worked as a pilot for 35 years. Now after seven years in retirement, he is gearing up to hit the workforce once again.

“There was about an 18-20,000 driver shortage on CDL drivers. So, I decided I’d come out of retirement and get my CDL and see if I could help someone out,” Nichols said.

For ten weeks, Nichols has been attending classes at SRTC and according to his instructors, he is the ideal student.

“Every day he comes to class early and he gets out there and practices his vehicle inspection and I said, this man is driven. He wants to do it,” Herring said.

Herring mentioned it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that he found out just how old Nichols is.

“I have to make copies of their driver’s license, things like that. That’s when I realized how old he was. I said he was born in 1944,” Herring said.

That is rights, Nichols is 77-year-old but he proves that capabilities are defined y hard work and dedication, not age.

“It’s work. It’s not something you can sit down and do now, you’ve got to work. So if you’re not interested in working, don’t come to do it,” Nichols said.

Nichols graduated last week and says that he has already received several offers from different companies.

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