City leaders rally to end gun violence in Thomasville

A recent shooting on the corner of Madison and Green St in Thomasville has struck a nerve in the community.
Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 10:08 PM EDT
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - A recent shooting on the corner of Madison and Green St in Thomasville has struck a nerve in the community.

Councilman Terry Scott held a gun violence rally across the street from the Green Food Market, also known as the 1 O’clock store, advocating for change. There was a shooting outside the store on April 3, after a fight broke out. Three people were injured and several suspects remain at large in connection to the incident.

Councilman Scott says gun violence happens often in that area, which is why he chose to have the rally in the neighborhood. He shared his hope is that by making the community more aware of the issue with guns, change will follow.

“I want to bring gun awareness to this area here. Even though it’s city wide, in this particular area here I want to let people know we are not backing down. We are going to promote this thing here against gun violence. If we have to come out into the neighborhoods, we’re going to rally against gun violence,” he said.

Officers from the Thomasville police department also attended the rally. Corporal Crystal Parker sharing that it’s a community effort to bring awareness to gun violence. She says it’ll take the whole community to put an end to it as well.

“I think that people need to think about think before you react and that’s something that I had to learn on my own.” Hightower

Demetrius Hightower owns a small business on the West side of Thomasville. He says this community is his home, and until recently has felt like a safe place. Hightower says he believes the neighborhood is a great place, just certain people have tarnished the reputation.

“There’s some pretty great people around here. It’s just sometimes people make bad decisions.”

Councilman Scott says his campaign “Think before you Re-act” was kicked off a few years ago when five people were killed as a result of gun violence. Unfortunately, he says he has not seen any signs of change.

Scott says the community has to hold each other accountable, by saying something when they see something and that he’s dedicated to rallying as much as he needs to until he sees change.

“You are protecting someone; you are a provider. You’re protecting your city, you’re protecting your neighbor, you’re protecting your whole community when you say something about gun violence,” said Scott.

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